The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring

The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring

This ring is created as a reminder to for the wearer of the huge importance of cultivating unconditional love in one’s life. Not just romantic love but way beyond that. A powerful tool on the journey for enlightenment and endless happiness.

The “Diligo ergo sum” ring is my take on the famous quote from the well – known philosopher, Descartes, who declared “I think therefore I am”. Descartes was trying to logically prove his existence. The popular phrase is also well known in it’s Latin rendition – “Cogito ergo sum”.

In this ring the phrase was modified from a mere logical claim to a statement that sums up the essence of the entire creation – “I love therefore I am” or in Latin – “Diligo ergo sum”. Human thinking with it’s limitations cannot grasp the entire universe and its essence. However the search for love and compassion characterizes the human experience. Decartes searched for a logical path, one that can be found in a cold, static unchanging universe. However, creation itself is pure consciousness seeking ways to learn , understand and experience itself. Since we are this same universe rising to awareness, the higher goal of our human journey is to experience love.

This is a powerful reminder of what life is all about… – part of our “Jewelry for Love” collection now with 14% discount.

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Divine Reflection Pendant

Divine Reflection Pendant
Sterling Silver
Solid Gold 14K

The Divine Reflection pendant was made as part of a fascinating journey into the depths of ancient philosophy, Renaissance art, the Kabbalah and the biblical mathematical and geometrical encrypted symbolism. At the base of this pendant lies a secret code hidden and encrypted throughout human history.

The Greek philosophers discovered the mathematical geometrical nature of creation. The Pythagoreans researched those discoveries into great depth but hid them from those opposing them. The same knowledge appeared later in the Jewish Kabbalah and again at the times of the Renaissance. The secrets of the Golden Mean, the five platonic solids and the 13 Archimedean solids, these shapes and mathematical geometrical laws were encrypted in the works of leading artists such as Leonardo De Vinci and Albrecht Durer.

When you focus and study these philosophies it becomes clear. The secret they were all trying to hide because they were living (as many of us still do) during a time of strict religious doctrines. Humans are created in the image/ pattern of creation itself. Furthermore we humans have the ability to elevate to the level of creators.

For hundreds and thousands of years we observed those perfect creations such as the Parthenon, The Great Pyramid, and the art of the great Renaissance artists. We observed and marvelled after those who sought the cosmic principles of harmony and perfectness but most of us are not aware that those creations impress us so much because of the secrets of creation encrypted in them.

The structure in the Divine reflection pendant is called Rhombicuboctahedron and it appears in the book de divina proportione by Luca Pacioli. The book was illustrated by Luca’s friend – Leonardo De Vinci. The Rhombicuboctahedron structure is one of the 13 Archimedean solids.

In a famous Portrait of Luca Pacioli from 1495 (see image below), he appears pointing towards a board with a sketch of one of Euclid’s geometric theorems. In the picture Luca is observing a glass made Rhombicuboctahedron half filled with water. On the table next to it appears a dodecahedron. When I observed the picture deeply I understood that I found the symbol I was looking for.

When looking closely at the picture I noticed that the Rhombicuboctahedron reflects the view of the windows from all around. That is because this structure can reflect a panoramic spherical view of 360*180 degrees.

Another fascinating object was the dodecahedron. Most of the encrypted symbols are based around the same numbers 72, 216, 144, 12, 3, and 5. These numbers are the keys for the creation of a dodecahedron. Furthermore, the pentagon, which is the basic structure for creating the dodecahedron, appears in many drawings from the renaissance era as a parallel to the human body. The reason for this is that we humans ( and all living things) are reflections of the universe itself.

An amazing fact about the dodecahedron is that thousand of years ago the Greek philosopher Plato claimed that the universe itself has the structure of a dodecahedron. Just recently, new scientific observations suggest that the universe actually does look like a dodecahedron!

The Divine reflection pendant symbolizes the way the universe and the Creator experience reality through us. It is also a key for us to connect to our own divinity through the insight of creation.

Sterling Silver
Solid Gold 14K


The Will Power Pendant

Here is something to consider while setting up your New Year’s resolutions for 2017 – The Will Power Pendant
Sterling Silver
14K Gold

The will power pendant is meant to strengthen the wearer’s willpower while keeping the balance and harmony with the world around. The bent spoon symbolizes the power of the consciousness and its influence on the materialistic world.

The engraving upon the pendant says:
“Perfect cause, Perfect will and perfect love bring perfect result”.
Perfect cause is the understanding of the process around us. Perfect will is the way we fit inside the processes. Perfect love is the purpose of all existence. The integration of the three brings perfect result…

Sterling Silver
14K Gold
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2016 New Designs

Year 2016 is coming to an end. We at Ka Gold Jewelry would like to take the opportunity to send our blessings as well as our prayers for the coming year:

May in this year unconditional love will spread without limits
May in this year peace will find its place to the hearts of souls and nations alike
May in this year mutual respect will overcome prejudices bigotry and racism
May in this year humans will start making the necessary changes required to protect mother earth
And may in this year richness will spread between many and poverty will be diminished
We want to wish you a happy and peaceful new year

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The year 2016 has brought with it some great new designs. Here is a reminder of the new designs we had:

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New Designs on our Website

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16% off until january 3rd 2017

The year 2016 has brought with it some great new designs. Here is a list of what we had:

New Flower of Life Collection
The Divine Commandment
Mars in Scorpio
Pentalpha Ring
Solar Power Talisman
Metatron’s Cube
Over Soul Ring
Venus Horn (Sold Out)
Double Helix Golden Mean Spiral
Philosopher’s Talisman – A Mercury Jupiter Conjunction
Spica Talisman

Watch the video or visit our website to learn more –


Norse Amulet Pendant

Norse Amulet Pendant
15% off coupon KAGOLD2016 until Dec 25th

This amulet was made for the purpose of finding your own path of freedom and to focus on your own inner fire throughout your life’s journey.

This amulet’s design is inspired by Viking culture. The Vikings pioneered trade, exploration and colonization of new lands for over 300 years before any other European power. Despite being pirates and adventurers, they were the first white people to arrive in America, long before Columbus. The meaning of the name Vikings in old Nordic is Pirates and indeed robbing was a way of life for them.

The Vikings symbolize freedom and true social equality. There is a story of a messenger who was sent on behalf of a French prince to seek out the leader of the Vikings, in order to negotiate with him and talk him out of attacking Paris. The messenger came back unsuccessful and dejected, He reported that when he requested to talk with their leader, the vikings replied, “we are all leaders.”

The Norse Amulet was made by David according to a design that was made by Florence MAQUET as part of David’s jewelry design contest. Florence wrote about it the following description:
“My drawing is a blend of older Norse motives, used in the Scandinavian culture. It’s a blend of amulet, shield, and old brooch from Norway. I wish you will realize it as an unique piece of jewelry that you can spread further or propose beside the other Viking motive you already have in your display.”


The Sri Yantra Pendant

The Sri Yantra pendant
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Yantra is a mystical hindu concept that describes a structure or diagram used to balance or focus the consciousness in order to achieve spiritual comprehension. Wearing the Yantra as a pendant or observing a picture of it is intended to endow one with mystical or spiritual abilities.

The Sri Yantra is a structure made of nine triangles tied to each other surrounding a center point called a “Bindu”. This point represents the beginning of creation out of the “Great Void”. The use of the number three actually exists is several cultures and the representation of three squared depicts, for several reasons, the power of creation and all creation itself. For example: the word God in Hebrew – Elohim – is made up of the words “El”(God), “Elah”(Goddess), and “Elim”(Gods), meaning singular-male, singular-female, and plural.

In Hinduism, the structure represents lakshmi, the entity of abundance in all the worlds, as well as “Triphora Sundary” – the beauty in all three worlds.

The four triangles pointing upwards represent “Shiva”, the male force of the universe. The five triangles pointing downwards represent “Shakti”, the female force of the universe.

Together the large triangles make up 43 small triangles that represent the “Cosmic Womb” and the “Aduitah” or lack of duality (beyond the illusion perception of good and evil).

The structure of the Sri Yantra pendant is one that provides abundance, beauty, and balance between male and female and between spiritual and material.
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Tool For Late Gift Buyers

Tool for late gift buyers
15% coupon KAGOLD2016 Valid until 25th of December

Due to pressure on postal services worldwide during the holiday season, delays can happen. Also some of you may still be wanting to place an order, yet are afraid that the gift will not arrive on time. For this reason, we have come up with a great idea. We have prepared a graphic holiday card that you can download and print, to give to your loved one on the eve of the holiday. In the event of a postal delay, the card will allow you to share your good wishes until the actual present arrives. We have left a few lines on the bottom of the postcard for you to include a personal message.

We have also added print view to every one of the product pages so you may also print the specific gift details


The KA Bracelet

The KA Bracelet off coupon KAGOLD2016

The term “Ka” in the ancient egyptian culture meant “life force”, which incarnate in the physical body the “Ba”. As a Sun cult the Egyptians used the symbol of the Blue Lotus Flower. In ancient Egypt, the Lotus flower was used in many religious rituals probably because of the mild psychoactive properties of this plant (the Blue lotus of the Nile-Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Egyptian water lily or sacred blue lily, is a water-lily in-native to Egypt).

A translation of the hieroglyphs engraved on the bracelet is: “Rise up and awaken, you are not dead, your Ka will remain within you for eternity”.

The beautiful Lotus flower was also depicted as the original container from which Atom, the god of creation or the creator himself came to existence. Atum was considered to be the first god, having created himself, sitting on a mound from the primordial waters. Atum is the god of pre-existence and post-existence. In the binary solar cycle, the serpentine Atum is contrasted with the ram-headed scarab Khepri – the young sun god, whose name is derived from the Egyptian hpr “to come into existence”. Khepri-Atum encompassed sunrise and sunset, thus reflecting the entire solar cycle.

The Ka bracelet itself is inlaid with semi precious stones that were used by the ancient Egyptians, such as Jasper that was worn for protection or Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Onyx. off coupon KAGOLD2016