Merkaba Designs

The Beautiful Merkaba
Symbol of Healing and Self balance for Merkaba designs

The Merkaba with Prana sphere is actually a more accurate model of the Merkaba as it represents the energetic field that surrounds the human body while activating the Merkaba. The sphere represents the female and the straight lines of the Merkaba represent the male. Combined together, the Merkaba inside the sphere represents a perfect balance.

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Monad Ring

Monad RingKNOW THYSELF Gold Silver

At the center of the ring appears the symbol of Monad – a circle with a point in the center. Around the ring engraved in archaic Greek the only commandment for the one who is truly awake – “Know thyself”.

The term Monad comes from the Greek word “Menein” which means “to be stable” and from the Greek word “Monas” which means “Oneness”. The ancient Greeks called the Monad – the base, the essence, the foundation and the builder.

The ancient Pythagorean’s believed that nothing can exist without a center and that the existence evolves around the center. The center is the source that cannot be grasped or understood but can spread and become a circle.

The “know thyself” saying and the symbol of the Monad represents the hidden secret of creation-the ONE who dwells inside each one of us and experiencing itself through creation and life. Gold Silver

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Norse Amulet

Norse Amulet
Part of Vikings Jewelry Special Sale

This amulet’s design is inspired by Viking culture. The Vikings pioneered trade, exploration and colonization of new lands for over 300 years before any other European power. Despite being pirates and adventurers, they were the first white people to arrive in America, long before Columbus.

The Vikings symbolize freedom and true social equality. The Norse Amulet was made by David according to a design that was made by Florence MAQUET as part of David’s jewelry design contest. Florence wrote about it the following description:

“My drawing is a blend of older Norse motives, used in the Scandinavian culture. It’s a blend of amulet, shield, and old brooch from Norway. I wish you will realize it as an unique piece of jewelry that you can spread further or propose beside the other Viking motive you already have in your display.”

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Runes Jewelry Collection

Runes Jewelry Collection
Part of our Special Viking – 15% off.

The meaning of the word “rune” is “secret” or “whisper”. In Nordic mythology, the runes were accorded great magical powers and their use was known only to an elite few.

In ancient Nordic poems, the runes are seen as a means for healing, prediction and soothsaying and as a means of receiving information from the world beyond. The poems tell of Odin who wanted to get transcendental knowledge and who hung himself upside down from the “Tree of the World”, the “Yggdrasil”. After nine days and nights the runes were revealed to him and he absorbed their powers.

The use of Runes, because of the magical and mystical powers attributed to them, has made them a popular symbol in jewelry. Today, the ancient Scandinavian Elder Futhark is widely used as a means of prediction.

The idea behind the ring, the pendant or the bracelet, is that you choose the symbol that is closest to your needs and desires. This symbol is then incorporated into the jewelry. The symbol empowers those elements or strengths that you seek in life.

One of the things that brought me to create these pieces of jewelry is the strong bond with nature. The letters and symbols are directly related to the powers of nature that those ancient individuals lived by.

The style which I used to design the jewelry reflects that same vision and perception from which the original symbols and traditions developed – precision and authenticity, so that each of you will feel that the jewelry was created by an ancient Nordic goldsmith.

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Alchemical Wedding Talisman

Alchemical Wedding New Eddition

Will be assembled on the 31st of July 2016 between 02:11-02:50 while Mercury is in the first degree of Virgo and in sextile aspect to the moon which is in the first degree of cancer, the Sun is in Leo and Gemini rising.

The talisman offers the opportunity to balance the opposites of our nature and ‘alchemize’ them together. This causes the emergence of our most pure, essential self, and acts to transform the raw and chaotic material- attached self (prima materia) into gold (spirit) by way of purification and unification of our basic elements.

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The Sun Talisman

The Sun Talisman New Edition
Will be assembled on the July 28th 2016 between 05:32-06:30 GMT+3 while the Sun is rising in Leo on the horizon, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and Mars is in Scorpio – extremely powerful!!

The Talisman is embedded with the glyph of the Sun in Gold (The Sun metal). In the center of the talisman there is the ancient magic seal of the sun and on the outer ring of the pendant engraved the magical ‘alphabet’. The magical seals of the planets, are found in many ancient magical texts, about astral magic. The seals are said to invoke the planets powers. Depending on the use they are used in conjunction with other symbols that are termed the “spirit” of the planet, the “intelligence” and also their magic squares. The origin it self is unknown, but is believe to be from an ancient magical cult/people called Harranian Sabians.

The alphabet, or planetary characters are taken from the “picatrix” a very important magical text that compiles many ancient magical texts.

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Emerald Tablet Mercury Edition

Special Emerald Tablet Mercury Edition
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One of my most loved designs will be made as a special Limited Edition. It will be assembled on the 31st of July 2016 between 02:11-02:50 while Mercury is in the first degree of Virgo and in sextile aspect to the moon which is in the first degree of cancer, the Sun is in Leo and Gemini rising.

Over the years and upon contemplating on the words of this mysterious, cryptic and enigmatic texts, one can actually discover the many layers and hidden meanings of these words of wisdom. The text speaks volumes of ancient Taoism and different concepts of Buddhism. It was none other than Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest and most influential scientist in human history who claimed that many of his ideas came from the Corpus Hermeticum and the Emerald Tablet (which he translated).

The text is the Emerald tablet translation. The center of the pendant is set with an emerald stone and the whole structure of the pendant, the circle with the point in it’s center is actually the ancient symbol of the Monad. On the back of the pendant at the outer circle is of course, the ancient symbol of the Ouroborus which in Alchemy represents also the Prima Materia, and the constant change and transmutation of matter and the universe. At the center of the back of the pendant appears the ancient symbol of alchemy.

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Sun in Leo New Edition

Sun in Leo New Edition

Will be assembled on the 28th of July 2016 between 05:32-06:30 GMT+3 while the Sun is rising in Leo on the horizon, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and Mars is in Scorpio – extremely powerful!!

“This magnificent seal gives authority to whomever will use it, and it will cause the eyes of the king to radiate dignity, and to reach and accomplish all of his objectives. Whoever uses this seal will not be confronted by anyone , and his fame will rise to the height of kings.”
The Book of Alexander

Sun in Leo New Edition_210716