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The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring

The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring This ring is created as a reminder to for the wearer of the huge importance of cultivating unconditional love in one’s life. Not just romantic love but way beyond that. A powerful tool on the journey for enlightenment and endless happiness. The “Diligo ergo sum” ring is my take… (read more)

Divine Reflection Pendant

Divine Reflection Pendant Sterling Silver – Solid Gold 14K – The Divine Reflection pendant was made as part of a fascinating journey into the depths of ancient philosophy, Renaissance art, the Kabbalah and the biblical mathematical and geometrical encrypted symbolism. At the base of this pendant lies a secret code hidden and encrypted… (read more)

The Will Power Pendant

Here is something to consider while setting up your New Year’s resolutions for 2017 – The Will Power Pendant Sterling Silver – 14K Gold – The will power pendant is meant to strengthen the wearer’s willpower while keeping the balance and harmony with the world around. The bent spoon symbolizes the power of… (read more)

Norse Amulet Pendant

Norse Amulet Pendant – 15% off coupon KAGOLD2016 until Dec 25th This amulet was made for the purpose of finding your own path of freedom and to focus on your own inner fire throughout your life’s journey. This amulet’s design is inspired by Viking culture. The Vikings pioneered trade, exploration and colonization of new… (read more)

The Sri Yantra Pendant

The Sri Yantra pendant – 15% off coupon until Dec 25th KAGOLD2016 Yantra is a mystical hindu concept that describes a structure or diagram used to balance or focus the consciousness in order to achieve spiritual comprehension. Wearing the Yantra as a pendant or observing a picture of it is intended to endow one… (read more)

The KA Bracelet

The KA Bracelet – 15% off coupon KAGOLD2016 The term “Ka” in the ancient egyptian culture meant “life force”, which incarnate in the physical body the “Ba”. As a Sun cult the Egyptians used the symbol of the Blue Lotus Flower. In ancient Egypt, the Lotus flower was used in many religious rituals probably… (read more)

Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablet – 15% off coupon KAGOLD2016 Upon contemplating on the words of this text, one can actually discover the many layers and hidden meanings of these words of wisdom. The text speaks volumes of ancient Taoism and different concepts of Buddhism. It was none other than Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest… (read more)

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube and Platonic Solids – 15% off coupon KAGOLD016 Metatron’s Cube is the name given to a complex three-dimensional geometric figure made from 13 circles of the same size, with lines extending from the center of every circle to the center of all the other twelve circles. It is considered a geometric variant… (read more)

Personalized Talismans

Personalized Talismans Made according to Wearer’s Birth Chart – 15% Coupon KAGOLD2016 A personalized astrological talisman is customized to your own birth chart and crafted at a selected auspicious time to enhance the special qualities for you. Personalized Talismans capture your full strength, balance, potential and the true essence of who you are and… (read more)

The Entangled Pendant

The ENTANGLED Pendant Sterling Silver – 14K Solid Gold – Use coupon KAGOLD2016 to get 15% off. The entangled pendant is designed by Judy Hilton and Pat Crelly and created by the artist David Weitzman. The following text was written by Pat Crelly to describe the pendant: The Entangled symbol was born out… (read more)