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A cool collection of beautiful pictures taken by our customers.

Top left image:
Victory Ring Silverhttps://goo.gl/sNZMNq
Golden Mean Spiral Ring Silverhttps://goo.gl/Nfa7wL

Top middle:
Divine Love Talisman (Venus In Pisces) Goldhttps://goo.gl/vE8CAJ

Top right:
Monad Ring Silverhttps://goo.gl/3uhI0e

Bottom left:
Flower of Life Goldhttps://goo.gl/Gbp2U2

Bottom Right:
Gordian Knot Medium Silverhttps://goo.gl/60dgoc

And here are some lovely words that touch the heart:
“I have awakened after a deep deep suffering.
When the storm has passed,
I found my consciousness behind my emotions.
It was like a quiet lake lying there at the bottom of my heart.

I tried to make the shape of it with both of my hands.
It expands and shrinks like a living creature with no form.

I wanted to have a gentle reminder of this stillness.
Then I found this necklace! The shape of my consciousness!!

It’s classily visible. Very lightweight so I forget I’m wearing it (in a very good way)!
Thank you, David and Yaron for creating and taking care of my beautiful necklace.

Take good care.

Pictures by Customers_030317

The Present Ring

The Present (now) RingNothing is worth more than this day!
Sterling Silver versionhttps://goo.gl/Cp8WBy
14K versionhttps://goo.gl/FOnULz

The present ring contains one of the secrets of happiness. Most of human suffering is caused by focusing our thoughts on the past and on the future. Yearning for the past and thinking about what has already happened as well as fearing the future and what may happen, results in a state of “non-existence”. We exist in the present which is, in fact, the only reality that exists for us.

Our failure to recognize the present results in our being in a continuous state of fear and suffering. This ring consists of 4 states of awareness that were created to protect us from illusion and to bring us happiness.

The meaning of the words on the pendant are – HOVE, NOCHAH, KAYAM, NIMTZA. These are four different words in Hebrew to describe states of awareness to the present moment.

The first word – “present” directs us to the only time that exists – now. Focusing on the present, causes us to be aware of everything that is happening around us. When we are in the present we have a “presence” and we reach the state of “the present” – Ha-Nimtza (Hebrew word for is here). Ha-Nimtza hints to us the first stages that cause us to “awaken” and “find ourselves” – and in this way to reach a place where we can truly experience our own existence.

The release of false thoughts and trepidations, such as fear and anger, can bring us to a place of clarity and a sense of living a real life, free of suffering.

Sterling Silver versionhttps://goo.gl/Cp8WBy
14K versionhttps://goo.gl/FOnULz
15% off until March 9th

The Present Ring_030317

The Royal Eye Of Horus Ring

The Royal Eye Of Horus Ring
A perfect symbol of knowledge and ancient magic
Inlaid with Diamonds and a precious stone of your choice.
Sterling Silver Versionhttps://goo.gl/HxOXa7
Silver and Gold Versionhttps://goo.gl/gS55B4

The Eye of Horus also known as The Eye of Ra, is an ancient Egyptian symbol, of protection, health, royalty and sovereignty. The Eye was a representation of the goddess wadjet, protector of lower Egypt, and after the unification of the two kingdom, she became the patron of Egypt, and the eye became a symbol of royal power.

The image of the eye was actually taken from the image of a falcon’s eye. The falcon was the symbol of Horus, the god of the Sky, and the rich fertile black land. In mythology, it was said that his right eye was the Sun and his left eye was the Moon, and that they traversed the sky, when he, in the image of a falcon flew across it. According to myth, his left eye, became the pale moon, when his nemesis, the god seth (ruler of the desert, the god of storm, disorder and chaos) gouged his eye during one of their battles. He was healed and restored by Thoth, the god of knowledge and magic, hence, the eye became a symbol of protection, magic and healing.

The symbol on the sides of the ring is the Egyptian Lotus flower. The source and the center of life in the Sahara desert region of the upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt was of course the Nile, which produced so many myths for the Egyptians. Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Egyptian water lily or sacred blue lily was a common water lily and an integral part of the Nile’s ecosystem. For the Egyptians it was one of the most magnificent images, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it became one of the most revered and sacred symbols in their culture.

The sacred blue lotus is one of the most common symbols in the Egyptian art. It can be found in ancient temples and tombs of the ancient kingdom. Most of the times the blue lotus can be found in scenes of celebrations, dances, religious ceremonies, religious festivals and spiritual and sacred contexts. For the ancient Egyptians, the beautiful blue lotus holds deep meaning and symbolism. The Blue lotus rising during the day from the Nile along with the Sun, It’s blue sky color with it’s sun like glowing deep yellow center, symbolized the sun itself. It’s sweet scent welcomed the morning and symbolized life and it’s sinking during the night time marked darkness death and the afterlife. That is why it is a symbol of creation, life , sun and rebirth.

The Book of the Dead, Papyrus of Hunefer-spell of being transformed into a lotus says:
“I am this pure Lotus which went forth from the sunshine,which is at the nose of Ra; I have descended that I may seek it for Horus, for I am the pure one who issued from the marsh”

The image that accompanied this prayer was that of the deceased head emerging from a lotus flower with this prayer, where he asks to become a lotus flower so that he will gain eternal life.

Sterling Silver Versionhttps://goo.gl/HxOXa7
Silver and Gold Versionhttps://goo.gl/gS55B4

The Royal Eye Of Horus Ring_220217

The Genesa Crystal

The Genesa Crystal
The idea of the Genesa Crystal was developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist.
Learn more at – https://goo.gl/2wlK8t (15% off until March 1st)

Dr. Derald Langham found that the crystal reflects the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism:
“Genesa is the coded matrix of your own life force and is directly related to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development, and change”. “Genesa is a 13-dimensional process involving step-into crystals of simple geometrical forms similar to those that living energies spiral through in natural growth patterns. Through precise, meaningful movements within their energysms (life force fields), they learn to harmonize physical, emotional, mental and vital aspects of living and tune into their greater selves”.

Langham also said that the Genesa Crystal is “The full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all your goals, your desires, your motivations – even life itself.”

Dr. Langham saw the Genesa Concept as a “model that can carry us from one learning experience to another, integrate the known and probe into the unknown”. He used Genesa principles in the creation of new strains of crops that fed Venezuela during WW2. The name Genesa comes from – gene South America. His book, Circle Gardening, discusses his use of Genesa principles in the shaping and contouring of garden beds to enhance plant growth. He kept a large Rainbow Crystal in his circular vegetable gardens, believing that the Crystal accumulates swirling energy from the earth and atmosphere, creating a unified field of energy that bathes the growing plants in an environment of enhanced life force.

The engraving translation on the Genesa crystal is – “Three are paths of the soul – man, liberty, light”, taken from the emerald tablets of Thoth.

The Genesa can purify any environment and can be used to amplify the Energy of the natural crystal inside . The Genesa crystal is an excellent tool for healing since the structure draws in energy, cleanses it, balances it, positively charges it and radiates it back out. It can be used not just as a pendant but also as an “energy purifier” for the house and garden.

Genesa Crystal with Stone Sterling Silverhttps://goo.gl/3NvL3i
Genesa Crystal with Stone Solid Goldhttps://goo.gl/e393pE

The Genesa Crystal_190217

Windchimes Campaign

Windchimes Campaign
All profits from the sale of this pendant will be donated to Windchimes organization to create a place for children and animals with special needs on the basis of of mutual rehabilitation
Silver Pendanthttps://goo.gl/xAKm1P
Gold 14K Pendanthttps://goo.gl/bwJcVS

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the animal kingdom and nature. It’s beauty, magnitude and endless variety of life forms was and still is a powerful source of inspiration and wisdom for me. As a child it gave me confidence and courage and my current understanding as an adult is that it gave me both balance and perception and the understanding of the importance of compassion; though I still remember the worried expression on my parents face when, as a five year old child I gave a hug to my neighbor’s huge Rottweiler….

Over the years I’ve saved and took care of many animals and our current members of our family Kesem and Banga are already taking care and playing with my third son. They were rescued by us 13 years ago. Banga who was thrown to the street when she was pregnant was found starved and exhausted after she gave birth. We kept one of the puppies with us and they are part of our family ever since. It is quite moving to watch Banga who we fondly call Grandma playing with my young son, and though her senses are not as sharp as they used to be and you can see the signs of old age she is still making an effort each time to play with him and patiently allows him to pet her not so “gently”.

A few weeks ago I’ve heard about a new crowd funding campaign for a non profit organization that is called Windchimes. The idea behind this organization is to create a place for children and animals with special needs on the basis of of mutual rehabilitation. After a meeting with Dr. noam Rudich – the initiator of this project I volunteered to create a special pendant with their symbol. We will donate the profits from this pendant sales so that this dream will become a reality. This is also an opportunity to thank all of you for helping us promoting the “Trees for the Future Foundation” – our Ecology Jewelry pieces helped them plant more than 100000 trees over the past decade!

So without further ado I’d like to share with you the vision of Dr. Noam Rudich:
Dear friends. My dream, the thing I have been working so hard to fulfill, is on the brink of realization: Windchimes, a center for mutual rehabilitation of children and animals with special needs. I believe that a collaborative relationship between children and animals, built on the foundation of a non-abusive, warm and respectful approach, can be achieved.

I founded a non-profit organization, I have the land, professional staff, legal aid and about 14 tons worth of motivation. All I need to build my dream are the funds to renovate the clinics and animals’ habitats. To this end I started a crowdfunding campaign.
Thank you!!!
Dr. Noam Rudich

All profits from the sale of this pendant will be donated to Windchimes organization to create a place for children and animals with special needs on the basis of of mutual rehabilitation
Silver Pendanthttps://goo.gl/xAKm1P
Gold 14K Pendanthttps://goo.gl/bwJcVS

Windchimes Campaign_170217

Divine Love Talisman

Divine Love Talisman New Edition
Assembled on on the 31st of January 2017 between 14:15-14:55 GMT+3
Sterling Silverhttps://goo.gl/wWMSwT
Silver and Goldhttps://goo.gl/dYVSKj
Gold 14Khttps://goo.gl/sXYd8u

The talisman will help to attract those higher ‘exalted’ qualities of love, and partnership, but also higher intuition and sensitivity to beauty, and creative inspiration. It is a true symbol of divine and absolute love beyond its physical boundaries; therefore it radiates the state of love not only in connection to a relationship, but also to nature and the universe.

The talisman itself contains the astrological sign of Venus. The pentagon pattern in the upper circle is actually the celestial beautiful and magical pattern that she creates on her 584 day journey when she passes between the earth and the sun on her path around the sun. At this moment, she creates a fifth of the wheel of the celestial zodiac and forms a pentagram of closeness. This pattern forms a Fibonacci series. The times of the cycles of Venus and Earth create a Golden Relationship that is known as the relationship that describes beauty and harmony in nature. The cyclical relationship between the Earth and Venus shows something of the quality that was always associated with that which Venus represents in astrology.

Venus is the star of beauty and harmony; she governs the wholeness and harmony of nature. That which we see as beauty is the perfect combination of proportions that flow smoothly together in a wonderful dance.

The stone at the center of the pattern is a diamond which is the stone that represents Venus.

Sterling Silverhttps://goo.gl/wWMSwT
Silver and Goldhttps://goo.gl/dYVSKj
Gold 14Khttps://goo.gl/sXYd8u

Divine Love Talisman_110217

Jupiter-Venus Talisman

Jupiter-Venus Talisman
The long awaited Jupiter Venus Talisman will be made by the end of this month!!
A new limited edition will be created on the 31st of January 2017 between 14:15-14:55 GMT+3

By the end of this month I will create a limited number of these talismans during Venus planetary hour when she is on the Midheaven, very near her exaltation degree, and conjunct by the newly born Moon (three days after the new moon) which also rules the rising sign of cancer. Venus is also in her “evening star” phase (her preferred phase) glowing strongly after sunset. Furthermore, Venus is also in ‘mutual reception’ with Jupiter (which means that they are in each other signs), this increases their beneficial connection and energy exchange. Jupiter is also connected to the rising sign as it is its exaltation sign (cancer), all this together, emphasizes the connection of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon which is a great opportunity to make this long awaited design.

The Talisman’s design is a blend of Venus, Jupiter and Moon magical symbolism. In this edition the emphasis of Venus is very strong, as is the water element, so this talisman will awaken great emotional sensitivity and pleasure, beauty, sensuality and attractiveness, popularity and charisma along with the Jupiterian traits of abundance, optimism, protection and general good luck.

In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered the two “good givers”. They symbolize everything from good fortune, wealth, pleasure, joy, luck, hope, love and success. Basically, all the things worth waking up to in this life…

The Talisman is composed of silver which symbolizes the Moon, copper which is the metal attributed to Venus. The symbols in the Talismans are the Venus magical seal, Jupiter’s glyph and the crescent moon which is already natively embedded in the original Venus seal. Engraved in the outer copper ring on top is Jupiter ‘alphabet’, and below of Venus, with the astrological symbol of Venus on both sides. on the back there is a tiny canister which contains a piece of tin-the metal which represents Jupiter.


Jupiter-Venus Talisman_270117

Key of LOVE

Key of LOVEhttps://goo.gl/JIqvU2
Part of our Jewelry for Love Collection.

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9 it is written:
Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Take these words with which I command you this day. Impress them upon your children and recite them, when you stay at home and when you are on your way, when you lie down and when you get up…

Most people are not aware of the true meaning of these sentences. When Jacob was about to die, he called upon his sons and swore them to believe in one G-d. The name of Jacob is Israel, and the first sentence is the oath of the sons.

The perception unity is the highest value that one should strive to contemplate in his life. The whole creation is one body that multiplies itself into numerous shapes of existence. The laws of geometry, physics, mathematics and biology prove the existence of this oneness. Creation exists for each one to experience the highest of all – love.

The meaning of creation is placed inside the word love (AHAVA). The word consists of the Hebrew letters Alef (1) and Beit (2) meaning that one splits into two. This process is required, as one cannot experience oneself without a point of reference. At the moment of fertilization, the cell divides itself into two which bring us to three – creator, creature and creation. The Lord commands us to love him three times, which are expressed in the three spheres of the pendant and the three engraved words – heart, soul and might.

The value of the word love (AHAVA) is 13, which is the same as the word one…

Visit website to learn more – https://goo.gl/JIqvU2

Key of LOVE_250117

Magical Couples Rings

Personalized Magical Couples Rings
https://goo.gl/IRVRuc14% off

A unique combination of solar and lunar rings (two ring sold together). Made according to couple’s birth charts. Meant to Strengthen the bond of love.

Talismanic wedding and relationship rings, intended to strengthen the bond of love and compassion, helping couples unite and act together in harmonious partnership, while maintaining each person’s uniqueness and individuality.

Personalized to your birth charts
When ordering the rings, you need to send us both of your birth dates, time and place of birth as accurate as possible. Our in-house astrologer – Michael Ofek prepares your birth charts and your composite chart (a chart derived from both charts, signifying the unique combinations of energies that makeup the relationship). He will then determine the right time for the Talisman rings to be “born”.

These Magical wedding Rings invoke the energy of the Sun and Moon, as the basic male female archetypes. Intertwined in their courses and complementing effects, they symbolize the “alchemical wedding” of man and women.

The Solar and Lunar rings are embedded with the magical ‘alphabet’ of each of the Lights.

The alphabet, or planetary characters are taken from the “Picatrix” (a very important magical text that compiles many ancient magical text) and from “Three books of occult philosophy” by the renaissance mage Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. Like other magical planetary symbols, the alphabet intention is to communicate with the planetary spirit and drew its energy.

The Rings comes in three versions:
Version 1 – Solar ring made from gold 14k yellow (inner part with the magical ‘alphabet’ ) and silver (the outer ring).
Version 2 – Lunar ring made from Silver and White Gold 14K (inner part with the magical ‘alphabet’ ). Solar ring made from Silver and Gold 14k yellow (inner part with the magical ‘alphabet’ )
Version 3 -Lunar ring made from Silver and White Gold 14K (inner part with the magical ‘alphabet’ ). Solar ring made from Gold 14k yellow

Visit website to view different versions – https://goo.gl/IRVRuc

Magical Couples Rings_190117

The Entangled Pendant

Part of our Jewelry for LOVEhttps://goo.gl/7gQs62
14% off until February 14th

The entangled pendant is designed by Judy Hilton and Pat Crelly and created by the artist David Weitzman. The following text was written by Pat Crelly to describe the pendant:

The Entangled symbol was born out of a deep spiritual connection between two souls who were drawn to one another. Together they found true joy in the essence of life. It was as if the two shared one heart and they had finally come home to rest.

It has been said that we have only one twin soul who is our complementary other half and that our DNA is actually encoded to help us find each other. This union is not about human love or gender; it is about divine love using two human portals to create and spread a vibration of unconditional love. It can occur between parent, child, siblings, friends, lovers, or spirit. This connection surpasses all feelings of fear and separation and is a living example of divine creation expressing itself in complete joy.

This symbol was manifested from a vision and buried within its lines are many treasures. It’s meaning is revealed as each aspect is uncovered. It symbolizes the beauty of oneness and is filled with sacred geometry.

It begins with two yin yang shapes that represent two souls. One is in the opposite image of the other because they each carry different dominant forces within them. They are overlapping at the center point of their two polar energies and are spinning in opposite directions. The overlapped area forms the shape of a Vesica Piscis and symbolizes a state of fusion.

The Vesica Piscis is formed by the intersection of two circles or spheres whose centers exactly touch. This symbolic intersection represents the “common ground”, “shared vision” or “mutual understanding” between equal individuals. It is the union of heaven and earth and the shape of the human eye. The spiritual significance is of “seeing eye to eye” to the “mirror of the soul”. The ratio of the axes of the form is the square root of 3, which alludes to the deepest nature of the triune. It is the crucible of the creating process and an opening to the womb from which all geometric forms are born. It is a symbol of fusion, of opposites, and a passageway through the world’s apparent polarities. It is also the geometric image through which light was born.

The two opposite areas within a yin yang are known as divine forces and have been described as electric & magnetic, positive & negative, male & female, night & day, etc. The idea is that there is a balance in life and one half cannot exist without the other. The more balanced you are the more complete you will feel. These divine forces have definite charges and are present in all of creation. Supposedly, we each have a dominant force that prevails as we progress toward a non-dualistic or androgynous state of being. If your twin soul’s dominant trait is magnetic then yours will be electric and when you two connect you will feel a completeness that didn’t exist before.

As you can see, within the Entangled symbol there is an electromagnetic wave pattern found in the dividing line that runs from top to bottom between the two divine forces or energies.

When electric and magnetic energy interact, they propel off each other in a spiral motion. The waves are made up of oscillating, or vibrating, electric and magnetic fields that change with certain frequencies. Together they produce waves of energy that create light.

This electromagnetic interaction can be related to the “Trilogy of Life” where the joining of two always creates a third new entity. This is the essence of all creation and the basis of the transformation that takes place when two souls become entangled.

There is a new energy or vibration of joy that is felt after the chakra energies of these two souls merge. A double helix is shown to represent a pattern of DNA and the symbol of infinity. The spiral of the double helix creates a vortex of energy or love that crosses over the heart center or zero point of the two entangled souls. The zero point is believed to be the center of the soul or the sacred point of contact where human and divine meet in communion.

Now, if you remove the two yin yang shapes within the outer circle and look at the double helix that remains, you will see the shape of a large yin yang on the front side and its opposite image on the back. The shape now becomes spherical as if each half is perpendicular and wrapped around the other. This represents the oneness and harmony of their heart connection and the complete balance they bring to each other. Also, as the two souls continue to move toward each other, they become synergetic which means that the whole is greater than the sum of its two individual parts.

The final aspect of this symbol is the outer circle. It appears as a thick band with a 360-degree twist that gives it a spiraling spinning effect. The twist signifies the intertwining or binding of the two souls in infinite motion with no beginning and no end. Together they are nurtured in the womb of creation, growing in love, filled with joy, and absolutely entangled as one.

Life is a journey…Creation is its purpose…and Joy is the seed

My connection with you brings joy, love, and peace. With you I can imagine every possibility.
We are Entangled…

Part of our Jewelry for LOVEhttps://goo.gl/7gQs62
14% off until February 14th

The Entangled Pendant_170117